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Like attracts like!

Tourisme Montréal

It was in Montreal that our project started, for us it was only natural to connect! We have been members of Tourisme Montréal since September 2018.



As you may have noticed, most of our trips are to the parks of the Société des Établissements de Plein Air du Québec (SÉPAQ). We like them a lot because they are a guarantee of quality experience and in these national parks, we find several levels of difficulty for the activities practiced and the quality of the territory is absolutely exceptional. It's a pleasure to share a goal with this giant of the Quebec outdoors: to connect people to nature. We connect our passengers to nature through transportation, they take care of connecting them with their beautiful territory.

MT Lab

NANA did the MT Lab incubation program in 2018-2019, which allowed us to get in touch with many players in the tourism industry in the province of Quebec. 

MT Lab
Ville de Montréal

City of Montreal

Since January 2019, we have been collaborating with the City of Montreal to offer Montrealers and tourists easier transportation to the nature parks at the ends of the island. This transportation, which thanks to the city is at a reduced cost, allows a very diverse clientele to discover the activities that can be practiced outdoors and to enjoy a breath of fresh air in little-known places on the island. It's a partnership that makes us very proud, because the accessibility of destinations in nature, both physical and financial, is our mission!


Nathalie Photographie

Pretty pictures on our site, aren't they? Most of the photos of La Mauricie National Park and Mont-Tremblant National Park were taken by Nathalie Choquette, a photographer from the tourism industry who aspires to put Quebec's tourism into images! There's no doubt about it, we're fans of her work! 

Nathalie Photographie


We found each other after our first season together, and we haven't let go since! Since 2010, the Parkbus team has also been providing transportation to natural areas, but elsewhere in Canada!

Aventure Écotourisme Québec

The AÉQ brings together professional businesses that offer ecotourism and adventure tourism activities throughout Quebec. NANA is an associate member of the AÉQ and our co-founder Catherine sits on the board of directors of the Association since May 2019.

Aventure Écotourisme Québec