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Working to make nature accessible: A job within your reach

Departure Coordinator

Working at NANA means choosing to make a real difference in the lives of the many precious people who are our clients. We are looking for someone to be our representative on our departures to our chosen destinations. Your role will be to ensure that our passengers have all the information they need for their day, that the bus driver is well informed about the road to take, to make sure that the people coming on board have their ticket for the day and that the volunteer (if applicable) has all the information they need for their day with us. The good news is that you too can spend your days in the wild, and once there we ask only one thing of you: to spend the day at the "kidkodak" and produce some nice pictures that we can use to promote the service on social networks. Not bad, eh?

Departures are from the Bus Station on Berri Street, and the destinations vary but are all done in one day (there will never be an overnight stay anywhere else)

We are looking for a reliable, cheerful and friendly person who has the necessary attention to detail and enjoys customer service. Are you interested, or do you have any questions? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Accueil des clients chez NANA

Terms and conditions of employment


20$ per hour


We'll also give you a bonus of 20$ per month for using your mobile phone during work hours. 

Working hours

Our departures are usually on Saturdays and Sundays and we sometimes do departures on public holidays. Sometimes you will only be needed to coordinate the departure and then your day is yours!

We will need you to be there with your good humour from 7.15am if our departure is at 8am, and from 8.15am if our departure is at 9am. If you go to the park with the customers, your shift ends when the bus returns to the Bus Station!



You can take a friend with you on your work day, and they can enter the park with you for free.


You can enjoy your time in nature as much as you want during the day, as long as you remember that you are representing NANA to clients and destination managers.

Come as you are

You must be 18 years or older to apply, and you must speak French and be functional in English.

We have no other criteria! Whether you are a girl, a boy, both or neither, whether you come from a diverse community, whether you are old or young, tall or short (in one word, you get the idea!) What we are interested in is your reliability and your attitude. We look forward to your difference, it will bring great richness to our team, we are sure of it!

Sustainable Development

Protecting our planet is of paramount importance to us. If this is a subject that is also of interest to you, you will have the opportunity to raise awareness of nature conservation during your work day. It will be part of your job!

We often talk to our clients about the Leave No Trace principles, the benefits of slowing down when you're out in nature, and the best ways to enjoy your day, whether you're very active or not.

Useful talent for us

If you like taking pictures, whether you want to publish them or not, it will definitely be an asset for us. We will need you to take pictures of nature and people travelling with us. You can send us some of the pictures you have taken with your CV or link to your social networks, so we can have a look at them!

We will need to use your photos for our social networks but we will always give credit.


You must have

You must have a mobile phone.


It would also be ideal if you had a printer, to print the list of participants (about 1 sheet per day of the event, we provide the paper and spare cartridges!) If you don't have one, we'll arrange it!