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NANA announces departures from Quebec City

Our company specialising in sustainable mobility is delighted to announce that it is expanding its services by offering departures from Quebec City as part of its 2023 autumn programme. 


Since our founding in 2015, Navette Nature has facilitated departures from Montreal to nature destinations, and now it is committed to offering this opportunity to residents and visitors of the Capitale-Nationale. The programme includes an initiative supported by a student. This year, Alexandra Duchesneau Lassen won a grant to organise park outings, funded by the Projet jeunesse pour la lutte contre les changements climatiques. This collaboration guarantees rich outdoor experiences, combining our expertise with her passion. In keeping with our inclusive approach, we value a community that is diverse in terms of age, gender, race and social class. To mark the event, our prices are adapted to the reality of the student clientele, and we have taken care to select destinations according to the different profiles of excursionists. All in all, it's possible to book a camping holiday and enjoy a variety of outdoor and agri-tourism activities.


Departures are from Université Laval, and others from Old Quebec, to the regional and national parks in the Capitale-Nationale. Discovering the region has never been easier or more affordable!


Photo credit: Bras-du-Nord Valley