Montagne blanche transparente

 2018 Season: our Prices


Mont-Tremblant National Park

53.00 (+ taxes)

Mont-Orford National Park

53.00 (+taxes)

Mauricie National Park

53.00 (+taxes)

Plaisance National Park

48$ (+taxes)

Oka National Park

48$ (+taxes)

Mont-St-Bruno National Park

45$ (+taxes)

Mont Saint-Hilaire (Gault Reserve)

45$ (+taxes)


Entrance Fee for SÉPAQ  Parks: $7.39 + taxes ( Already Included in our Price)

Entrance fee for Mauricie National Parks : $6.78 + taxes ( Already Included in our Price)

 Gault Reserve (Mont St-Hilaire) :$6.09 + taxes ( Already Included in our Price)

10% Discount for Students and Elders

2 Years Old and Less: Free

2-12 years Old: $20.00+ Taxes

Terms of Service

You are buying tickets from Navette Nature Inc. Our mailing address is 765 Gounod Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2R1C6.


You are the only one responsible for your safety in the Park – many dangers exist, be they natural where the result of the man. We are not responsible for your safety and well-being in the park.

If you miss the return bus, you may stay in an area where there is no telephone reception and you will be responsible for finding alternative transportation (other than the Nana Shuttle) for your return.

We are unable to follow up on missing passengers – so be sure to inform someone of your itinerary in the park for the event that you would be in distress in nature .


Cancellations made 14 days prior to the original departure date will receive a full refund. Name and date changes are free of charge, but all queries must be submitted at least 48 hours before the departure date. Only one change of date is allowed per order.


Navette Nature Inc. can not be held liable for personal injury or consequential damage resulting from the transportation used or activity undertaken by a passenger at destination.

All passengers are responsible for their accommodation at destination (where applicable) and are responsible for their safety.


Firewood, fireworks and firearms are not allowed on board the means of transport.


Bicycles may be accepted on the bus in certain cases for an additional charge and have been pre-approved by Navette Nature Inc.


Animals may be eligible but must be pre-approved by Navette Nature Inc.


Your ticket is valid only for the date and destination indicated on your ticket. Your receipt is required for any refund or exchange (subject to fees)

Times and dates on the schedule and elsewhere are not guaranteed. In extreme cases, we can cancel a trip or offer an alternative without notice.

To ensure the safety of all passengers, we reserve the right to search the luggage of passengers.

You are responsible for your luggage at all times.

For information about our groupe fares, write us an e-mail!