Montagne blanche transparente

Route TD: Yamaska Espress

Enjoy the free transportation to this national park through TD Bank, MEC, Parkbus and Nana from July 14th until October 13th. It’s every Saturday!

For fans of nautical activities

The Choinière Reservoir, an important part of the Yamaska ​​National Park, is an excellent lake for watching ducks and herons. Whether for a trip by kayak or canoe, swimming or simply for a picnic, Yamaska ​​Park will charm you for sure. You will only pay for your entrance in the park (8.50$), we got the transport covered!!


La Nana takes you to the Le Maxime discovery center, from which hiking trails, watercraft rental, swimming and bicycle rental are available.

Dates – 2018 season

Every Saturday from July 14 to October 13, 2018