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Main destinations

Mont-Tremblant destination

Mont-Tremblant national park

Breathtaking landscapes 

The green spaces of the Parc du Mont-Tremblant are an excellent introduction to the outdoors of Québec. Being the largest of Québec’s national parks, Mont-Tremblant will not fail to surprise you with its splendor!

Mont-Orford national park

The Heart of the Eastern Townships

Discover this beautiful mountainous region of our province. It is splendid at all seasons! In summer, enjoy the two beaches of the park for canoeing or for a refreshing swim. During Autumn, a getaway to the summit of Mount Orford amongst the colorful trees offers you breathtaking views.

© Parcs Canada
© Parcs Canada

Mauricie national park

150 lakes at your disposal

The Parc national de la Mauricie is the perfect place for relaxation. But that does not mean that this park is silent! On the contrary, this paradisiacal place overflows with life. The biodiversity there is rich and extensive. Come and see it for yourself by listening to the many species of birds that sing and twirl through the forests, near the lakes and at the foot of the waterfalls at Parc national de la Mauricie!

Other destinations

Yamaska national park

Our free route this summer:TD Express Yamaska! 

The Choinière reservoir, an important part of the Yamaska ​​National Park, is an excellent water body for the observation of ducks and herons. Whether for a kayak or canoe trip, for a swim or just for a picnic, Yamaska ​​Park will charm you.

© Sepaq
© Sepaq
Image à venir!
Image à venir!

Plaisance national park

Sweetness of a landscape

Between ponds and marshes, the national park of Plaisance is a marvel for the fans of ornithology. We can observe Canada geese in the spring, then the summer lets us discover ducks, herons, ospreys and dozens of other species. It is not for nothing that we call this beauty the “sweet breeze” of the Ottawa River, it is the discovery of the richness of our Quebec summers.

Oka national park

A beautiful beach, and much more! 

Oka’s beach, very close to downtown Montreal, is a popular spot on hot summer days in Quebec. With a swimsuit, a frisbee and a lunch, you get enough to have fun all day. You can also explore the forest of this park to find magnificent views and historical constructions!

© Sepaq
© Sepaq
Photo: Navette Nature
Photo: Navette Nature

Mont-Saint-Bruno national park

Nature two steps from the city

With its five lakes, its orchard, historic mill and dozens of kilometers of trails, this park is an island of nature in an urban setting. Hundreds of species of flowers, trees and plants can be observed, smelled and admired. Ornithology lovers can also find their pleasure with about 200 species of birds to observe! In the fall, it’s an ideal family destination to visit one of our beautiful Quebec orchards.

Mont-Saint-Hilaire – Gault natural reserve

Little hikes for the whole family! 

The fame of Mont-Saint-Hilaire Park always precedes it. Well known for its hiking trails that are opened all year long, it is visited by many to admire our beautiful colors in the fall. With 25 KM of trails, you will not get bored!

Photo: Alex Tran
Photo: Alex Tran