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Apples and colours for all

Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno is just a few kilometres from the Montréal metropolitan area. Five lakes, an orchard, a historic mill and dozens of kilometres of trails make this park a true island of nature in an urban environment. Hundreds of species of flowers, trees and plants fill the area. Every breath you take brings a new perfume and every breeze carries this blend of very special scents only found in the forest.

Rate: $25.00


9:00AM : Departure from Square Dorchester

10:00AM: Arrival at service center

4:00PM: Departure from service center

5:00PM: Arrival at Square Dorchester




Online booking mandatory.

Our rates include entry into the park. If you have an annual pass for the park visited, contact our team at info@navettenature.com and we will tell you what to do!