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Our story

"Do you know why Navette Nature is also called NANA? One of the reasons is that we used the first two syllables of the words NAvette and NAture. But also, we are two women who created the company and although the term Nana is more used in France than here to speak of a woman, we decided to "rock it" and to develop our service in all the force of its feminine image, despite the fairly "classic" masculinity of the transport world .

Although our service is not necessarily intended for women, it is a pride for us to see that many women, alone or not, feel good when they travel with us to go in nature. It is also a pride that the nickname NANA is now on the lips of our customers, when they speak to the "Nanas" team or when they say "What! You do not know NANA?" For us, it is soft and strong at the same time.


NANA is a team of chicks who chew life to the fullest and who advocate the inclusion of everyone, every day. "

Behind this project, Catherine and Sarah!

It was this wish that prompted us to organize transportation to national parks and other natural beauties of Quebec. NANA is the easiest way to access the wonderful regions of Quebec that characterize our province without a car.

Our dream is that everyone can access nature, regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity and social situation. It is by noticing the beauty and fragility of nature that we can learn to better protect it!

Our team