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Calendar of outings


Birds of a feather flock together!

Tourisme Montréal

It's in Montreal that our project started, for us it was natural to connect! We have been a member of Tourisme Montréal since September 2018.


We found each other after our first season, and we did not let go since! Since 2010, the Parkbus team has also been transporting people to natural areas, but from elsewhere in Canada!

MT Lab

NANA did the incubation program of the MT Lab in 2018-2019, which allowed us to get in touch with many actors of the tourism industry of the province of Quebec.


Need a backpack for your hike? For beginners or outdoor activity experts, a backpack is a big investment. Save money and be ecological, by renting one instead of buying one that will sleep in your wardrobe!


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