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Our commitment to the environment

Why? We are saddened and especially worried by the catastrophic results of the Planet, not to mention many other events around the world. In this climate emergency, it is important for us to find ways to act to help the planet, at the height of our capacity.

It is in this spirit that we are moving forward: Aventure Écotourisme Québec (AÉQ), in partnership with the organization 1% POUR LA PLANÈTE, met with the 1% Plein Air Fund for the planet, and NANA is part of the 12 members of the Association who initiate the project.

We will now donate 1% of our turnover to the fund dedicated to preserving Quebec's ecosystems and fighting climate change. Part of the funds raised will also be invested directly in AÉQ member companies to help adopt best practices in sustainable development. With the Plein Air 1% for the Planet Fund, the association wishes to make Quebec an eco-responsible destination among international leaders. It's natural for NANA to participate!

A dream one day? Face to face, we hope to be able to realize one day: You offer 100% electric shuttles, a zero-emission vehicle to take you in nature. It would be an accomplishment for us, and above all a pride! To be continued in the coming years. :-)







We are also committed to staying on the lookout for new solutions that are developing to improve people's mobility and environmental protection. This gesture will not be the only one we will take! Our dream would be to transport our passengers to the parks by electric bus. In the short term, for a tiny company like ours, it's financially difficult to do. On the other hand, we never stop dreaming and we work hard to turn dreams into reality!

If you have any questions about our motivations or the Fund or the AÉQ, here are the contact details for Catherine, one of our co-founders. This project is very close to her heart and makes her proud, do not hesitate to send her your suggestions! catherine@navettenature.com