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Changes made in our service

Bus seat reservation

Please select your seat based on how many people are traveling with you. If you select an individual bench, this bench will be valid to accommodate one person, so you will be seated alone. If you select a bench seat, it will be valid for 2 people. If you select 2 benches, it will be valid for 4 people.


New departure point

This is for those who have traveled with us in the past: Our new starting point is inside the Montreal central bus station, accessible by the Berri-UQAM metro or by rue Berri.


Assigned seat for the day

You will have the same seat on the way to and from the park. NANA team will assign the places. If you have any special requests (you want to be near someone, backwards, forwards, etc), please let us know promptly by email with your reservation number, and we will do our best to accommodate you, but we ask for your indulgence! We will show you your assigned bench on the morning of departure.

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